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    Galapagos Islands Photo Tour

    Galapagos Islands are home to giant turtles, they are the land of dragons and sea birds. This laboratory of life is what revealed to Darwin the Theory of Evolution, and it is a cherished region for everyone.

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      Avenue of the Volcanoes Photo Tour

      Accompanied by the three most imposing elevations in the country, whose snow-covered summits caress the blue skies, Avenue of the Volcanoes Tour will make us discover the Andes in its greatest splendor. Condors, deers, vicugnas, and other creatures which have…

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        Cloud & Choco Photo Tour

        We will begin our journey a the heights of the Andes, The Cloud Forest, surrounded by a gentle, white fog that seeps into the forest through the tops of the trees, the surreal hum of hummingbirds, and the call of…

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          Amazon Rainforest Photo Tour

          Our 5 day journey will take place in the mystical, indomitable, largest, and most biodiverse jungle of the planet, the Amazon Rainforest. We will submerge ourselves under its green blanket to capture this natural treasure with images. Navigating its lakes,…

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            Macro Photography Custom Tours

            Custom Tours

            Macro photography is a hallucinating and diverse universe that very few have had the opportunity to explore; and Ecuador is the ideal place to experiment with this branch of photography. Millions of little creatures are awaiting to be discovered by…

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              Bird Photography Custom Tours

              Custom Tours

              With more than 1600 species of birds, Ecuador is, without a doubt, one of the best countries in the world for birdwatching and bird photography. Its varied ecosystems, within a relatively small area, facilitate the observation and photography of great…

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                Landscape Photography Custom Tours

                Custom Tours

                Ecuador offers a variety of worlds, within a relatively small area, which can be visited in very little time. In the same day, you can enjoy a sunrise whose rays filter through the fog of the Andean Cloud Forest, and…

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                  Custom Adventure Tours

                  Custom Tours

                  All of the destinations we offer are majestic, but there are other indomitable geographies within Ecuador which, unfortunately, cannot offer the same facilities or access that a hotel or lodge would offer. Nevertheless, its beauty and unmatched nature can make…

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                  Our letter to you

                  Imagine yourself in the middle of a pristine view, where every one of your cells is vibrating with life. The sun is rising, the clouds are gliding over a forest canopy that is bursting with the symphony of nature. Far away are the cars, their noise and smog, far away is the tick tocking of routine. Imagine a waterfall splashing at your feet, a croaking, a breeze, a bear padding about the mountains. Imagine the sky lightly stepping upon the snow covered earth. Feel the middle of the Earth simmering before you, your tripod and your camera.

                  Now, imagine the water. A majestic waterfall is bursting in front of you. A boa outlining its path. The symphony of the rainforest, the thumping of a heart full of life, the beating of wings of a million colors, a hummingbird drinking the nectar of a flower next to you.

                  Imagine holding that moment in your camera, keeping a moment, your moment, a memory for a lifetime.

                  Imagine living this dream!


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                  Gioby Suero – USA Jaime you were the best field guide we could ever have asked for and you made the experience very memorable, comedic and insightful. We learned many things about the reptiles and amphibians of the jungle. You were great!!
                  Phil Bowles – England While co-leading a personalized trip to Yasuni, Jaime was extremely friendly and enthusiastic, enhancing the trip with his attitude almost as much as by all the snakes (and occasional caimans) he found for me, despite less than ideal weather. We’ve… Read More
                  Blake Freeman – Canada I first met Jaime when he guided my group in the Amazon in 2015. The experience and the amount we learned was phenomenal. Jaime’s knowledge and enthusiasm when it comes to conservation shows in every part of the experience. He… Read More

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